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Flexibility not required!

You’ve been thinking about trying yoga but feel intimidated by all those pictures you’ve seen of people tied in all sorts of strange shapes. Perhaps you don’t feel strong enough, fit enough, flexible enough to begin a yoga practice. If so, WE’RE THE YOGA STUDIO FOR YOU!

Yoga Club DFW is here to teach REAL PEOPLE like you to move your body so that you can become stronger, more mobile, and healthier. With some of THE BEST TEACHERS in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex this is your place to begin a yoga practice. We teach to all levels, from beginners to more experienced students, from athletes to grandmothers, a challenging flow that is fun and accessible to everyone, including you.

Our COMMUNITY OF AMAZING PEOPLE have already discovered many of the benefits that come with a yoga practice. Not only have they made new friends but they’ve also improved the strength of their bodies, gained better mobility, and discovered methods for improving their overall wellbeing just from moving their bodies and engaging with breath. These benefits have been realized from people who just started their yoga practice this week to those who’ve been up-dogging with us for years.

Don’t believe the hype? Check out these testimonials from real Yoga Club DFW members!


One Week of Free Yoga!

Curious what this whole yoga thing is about? Why not come and experience the sweat, the strength, and power of it for yourself!


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1700 S. Main Street | Duncanville, Texas 75137 (second floor)

Yoga Club DFW


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1700 S. Main Street
(Second Floor)
Duncanville, Texas 75137