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This Yoga is for Every Body!

Kate M. Says

“In all seriousness — I’ve been to a bunch of different studios in New York and have found nothing comparable. You’re so benevolent while at the same time really pushing your students.”

Rho D. Says

“It was good stuff tonight…I was close to having my own lake by the end of the session!”

Bridget M. Says

“My love of yoga was spurred from your Sunday night class back in October. I owe YOU huge thanks for that!”

Stephen D. Says

“Yoga Club DFW has been an amazing place for me to begin practicing yoga. Alex and Alma are both really wonderful instructors.”

Eric T. says

“Alex is a amazing instructor! I would highly recommend trying Yoga Club DFW out.”

Ruth Y. says

“I loved Alex’s class! His ability to weave wisdom and humor into his classes was so refreshing. The physical part of the practice was equally challenging to long-time practitioners and beginners alike. Alex has a real gift in knowing just the right words to say at just the right time and also knowing when to not say anything at all. D’ville is in for a real treat having Alex there to help you get your yoga on!”

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Flexibility not required!

Brand new to yoga? Experienced practitioner? Somewhere in between?

You are in the perfect place.


Yoga Club DFW is here to guide REAL PEOPLE like you to move your body so that you can become stronger, more mobile, and healthier. With some of THE BEST GUIDES in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex this is your place to begin a yoga practice. We teach to all levels, from beginners to more experienced students, from athletes to grandmothers, a challenging flow that is fun and accessible to everyone, including you.

Our COMMUNITY OF AMAZING PEOPLE have already discovered many of the benefits that come with a regular yoga practice. Not only have they made new friends but they’ve also improved the strength of their bodies, gained better mobility, and discovered methods for improving their overall well-being just from moving their bodies and engaging with breath. These benefits have been realized from people who just started their yoga practice this week to those who’ve been working their vinyasas off with us for years.

Don’t believe the hype? Check out these testimonials from real Yoga Club DFW members!

It’s Just Yoga…

  • No “gurus”
  • No egos
  • No crazy poses
  • No judgement
  • No competition
  • No contracts or long-term commitments

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