Alex Hamby

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“Alex keeps you breathing, smiling and moving.”

Alex, who lost a dramatic amount of weight in the gym through conventional methods, had begun searching for something new after life events left him suffering both depression and severe anxiety that therapy and medication didn’t relieve. Unable to sleep or focus due to constant anxiety attacks he took a yoga class a few years ago. A short time after including the practice into his life he noticed profound changes beyond improved flexibility and strength. The anxiety lessened as he connected to his authentic self through the rigorous, challenging and powerful method that is the style of yoga he enjoys practicing and now loves to guide.

After completing his 200 hour teacher training Alex taught around the Metroplex at four different studios for eighteen months before deciding to forge his own path. Rebel that he can sometimes be, the name and branding were inspired by Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Fight Club,’ a book and movie that, on the surface, appear to be little more than a celebration of violence but carry deeper, more Zen, spiritual teachings that resonate with Alex. Appreciating the idea that not all who seek something better in life aren’t without their rough edges, he started Yoga Club DFW in hopes of revealing how this empowering practice can inspire positive personal change.

Alex’s classes are intended to get your body moving, your skin sweating, your breath flowing, and mind present with music and lighting to accentuate the class. His goal isn’t to get you to keep up but rather to get out of your own way, to dismiss the ego, do the very best you can in each moment, smile and enjoy the possibility no matter where you are in life, physically or mentally, at present. To help facilitate a powerful practice for others he’s enlisted the aid of two amazing yoga teachers who’ve inspired him along his own path…

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RYT 200

Alma started “doing” yoga when there were still VHS tapes — don’t laugh too hard. Alma began “practicing” yoga in 2008 (or so) when she finally decided that she didn’t have to be skinny, flexible, young, or perfect to practice her yoga. She admits that it was a bit scary walking into that first yoga studio but quickly found that yogis come in all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. Some people could touch their toes and some couldn’t yet. Some stood on their heads, some didn’t. And no one looked like the pictures on Facebook and so she thought, “Yeah! this for me.”

It could be for you too.

She believes teachers are all around us all the time and tries to look at everyone that way. One of Alma’s greatest teachers is her daughter, Sarayu. From her she learns every day that nothing is permanent and a good laugh cures almost anything.

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RYT 200

“As a teenager, I started my quest to find something that would make me feel more connected to myself and in better control of my emotions. I needed answers and help for my ever growing battle against depression. I began practicing yoga on my own at home. Moving through the asanas, or poses, helped me center my thoughts and emotions. Mediation helped me to deepen my practice even more. As a college student, I lost touch with my practice and sought a career path that society would have me believe would lead to happiness. Again, I found myself lost, and again yoga found its way back into my life. This time, I began to take community yoga classes, and saw the benefits of being a part of the community. After a major career and life change, I decided to take the 200 hour yoga teacher training to deepen my own practice. The more I learned about yoga, the more I realized I could deepen my yoga experience by becoming not a simply a yoga teacher, but a yoga sharer.

With a regular yoga practice, I have found more energy, happiness, and a renewed and playful outlook towards the world. Yoga has helped me to become a better rock climber, writer, friend, and has motivated me to follow my dreams.

Whatever brings you to yoga, I hope to help you along your journey. Beginner or advanced yogi, your yoga practice is your own, and my goal is to offer classes that help you advance your practice both mentally and physically while keeping a playful spirit.”