Yoga Club DFW reserves the right to substitute, cancel, add, delete, and/or change programs, classes, services, amenities, instructors and/or class types, at the sole discretion of the management, and assumes absolutely no liability for any such changes at any time.


The map below is correct but may be inconsistent with other online map services. Please note the directions below.


Classes will start / end on time so please do plan on arriving 10 minutes before class begins allowing for enough time to set up your practice space. The doors may be locked when class begins so as not to disrupt the class in progress or increase your likelihood of injury.

We are located a couple doors down from A Simple Touch Day Spa. Use the back entrance.

Have a question? call us at 1 (972) 679-1726 and talk to one of our yoga professionals. Register to be a part of Yoga Club DFW HERE!

For rent/purchase:

Bottled Water … $1 (FREE with Facebook or Yelp check-in)

Hand Towel Rental … $1

Mat Rental … FREE



There are many styles of yoga to choose from but if you’re wanting a workout then Power Yoga is the way to go! Yoga Club DFW classes incorporate strengthening poses using your own bodyweight as resistance. You will most likely sweat in these classes as we move in and out of poses in a dynamic way. You will stretch, but the greater emphasis is on generating body heat.

If you are looking to incorporate yoga as part of a training routine or for general fitness, aim for a minimum of two to three classes per week!

Meet our class guides HERE and learn more about our classes HERE.