Bow PoseYoga classes at Yoga Club DFW are suitable for all-levels. Just start slowly, do what you can, one day at a time, and enjoy the moment. It’s a practice, and will develop over time.

Classes will start and end on time so please do plan on arriving before class begins allowing for enough time to set up your practice space. We lock the door during practice.

Parking is dependent upon events held at our current location, the Duncanville Fieldhouse. One weekends events are possible and parking is sometimes limited. For the Saturday classes plan to arrive a bit earlier than during weekdays in order to find a space.

Have a question? call us at 1 (972) 679-1726 and talk to one of our yoga professionals.

There are many styles of yoga to choose from but if you’re wanting a workout then Power Yoga is the way to go! Yoga Club DFW classes incorporate strengthening poses using your own bodyweight as resistance. You will most likely sweat in these classes as we move in and out of poses in a dynamic way. You will stretch, but the greater emphasis is on generating body heat.

If you are looking to incorporate yoga as part of a training routine or for general fitness, aim for a minimum of two to three classes per week!

Meet our class guides HERE and learn more about our classes HERE.